Eliminating Mobile Device Distractions In the Workplace

The Impact of the Current Culture, Shifting Mindsets, and What’s in It for Me

Mobile devices are as integral to how work gets done today as the laptop computer was 20 years ago. Unlike laptops, which were only used for business, today’s mobile devices also bridge our personal and professional worlds. The devices themselves can be both productive and disruptive, keeping us connected and informed and overwhelming us with alerts and notifications. The unintentional distractions they cause have significant financial and even traumatic implications for business.

Getting the most from mobile technology requires smart management of technology. Equally importantly, it requires a new set of leadership tools to create a culture of productivity. Listen as we scope the obvious and not-so-obvious impacts of mobile device distraction in the workplace. It’s about so much more than distracted driving. Then, learn how to translate the corporate imperative to change the culture of mobility in your workplace into an individual call to action. This isn’t just a question of compliance, but one of cultural transformation.

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Featured Presenters

Joseph Boyle
CEO, TRUCE Software

A leading SaaS expert, Joe looks for problems to be solved in systematic ways, which includes building the right team with the right people and giving them the tools they need to succeed. This approach has led him to serve over 40,000 customers, from Fortune 100s to SMBs, the businesses that drive our economy. Joe’s focus on creating solutions that make the workplace better and our world safer has led him to TRUCE where he is helping companies get the most out of their mobile strategy while minimizing the downside safety and productivity risks. 

Bill Bradley
Managing Partner, Pendleton Solutions Group

For more than 25 years, Bill has been successfully leading organizations in organizational transformation initiatives in the telecommunications, education, service, manufacturing, and technology sectors, delivering exceptional results in short timeframes. His expertise lies in improving and optimizing work processes to deliver sustainable cost savings, identifying revenue opportunities and improving profitability. Pendleton’s approach is to listen, observe, energize, teach and transform teams and organizations to permanently solve business and process problems.