Eliminating digital distractions delivers real results. And we can prove it.

Experience it for yourself today!

The TRUCE Field Engagement (TFE) is the only way to measure your digital distractions and the potential impacts for your business.

What are typical results? In a nutshell, associates protected by TRUCE will have 6X fewer distractions – and still get all of their work done.

What does a TRUCE Field Engagement look like?

Choose Your Associates

Create two groups of associates to be representative samples.

Determine Your Policy

Use your existing policy to identify which apps and functions to allow.

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Launch Your TFE

TRUCE provides everything needed to get up and running.

Analyze Your Results

Quantify the amount of distraction – and how much TRUCE could reduce it.

Take a Self-Guided Tour of TRUCE

Still curious about what TRUCE is and how it works? Check out this self-guided tour of the platform and see how TRUCE protects your workers from digital distractions. Automatically.

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