TRUCE Blocks Mobile Distractions So Employees Work Smarter and Safer

TRUCE Blocks Mobile Distractions So Employees Work Smarter and Safer

Mobile devices connect us with the world. But there are times your employees need to concentrate on the task at hand. TRUCE eliminates the flurry of notifications and buzzes and the temptation to use devices when work takes priority, so workers can safely focus on their jobs:

Where do you want to manage distractions?

Behind the Wheel
Around Heavy Equipment
In the Workplace

You Decide When and Where it Works

Some solutions simply block all mobile access. TRUCE lets your policy set the rules, giving your employees access to what they need when they need it, and automatically hiding the distracting apps and features when they don’t.

See How TRUCE Works

TRUCE Works Where You Work

distracted driving software

Behind the Wheel

Keep employees safe, in company-owned or personal vehicles, with TRUCE’s distracted driving technology.

worksite safety technology

Around Heavy Equipment

Don’t let distractions threaten your employees’ safety when they’re near or operating machinery.

fork lift safety software

In the Workplace

Ensure your employees are focused and productive – in your busy warehouse or factory, office or lab.

A Measurable Return on Your Investment

Because TRUCE eliminates the costs associated with avoidable accidents, a recent study* showed it pays for itself in a few months.

Read the Study

*November 2019 study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by TRUCE Software

Take Control of Your Costs and Your Company’s Reputation

Right now, if your employees are distracted by mobile devices, your company’s money – and reputation – are at risk. Consider this: Workplace accidents not only threaten the lives of your people, they damage equipment, slow job progress and open you up to regulatory fees and liability claims. All of that impacts your company’s standing.

If you use a traditional all-or-nothing solution, employees are likely to turn it off or opt-out. Only TRUCE works automatically to keep workers focused and put your policy into action, protecting all your resources. Want to learn what TRUCE can do for your bottom line?

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“TRUCE is a reliable, proven solution… exactly what our business needs.”

Peter Covach, Director of Information Technology, Paper Transport

“Our clients are better positioned than the next risk. Our underwriters respond with more favorable terms and conditions.”

Brian Villari, Risk Advisor, Consolidated Insurance

“TRUCE actually makes us better. We are able to stay focused on what we’re doing and serving customers.”

Adam Kohler, Chief Operating Officer, Welsco

“TRUCE delivers a 360% ROI over three years.”

Forrester Consulting Study 2019

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