How Many Miles Have You Protected?

June 12, 2018 | Blog
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Fleet Managers: Are You Ready?

Ask any fleet manager you know and they’ll be sure to tell you how dramatically the auto industry is changing. Motor vehicles are increasing in complexity and technological disruption is unprecedented in this space. Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. Every element of how you think about vehicles is changing.

Fleet managers used to measure things by fleet size, number of vehicles. The real metric today is the distances traveled. Whether you have 100 drivers on the road or 1,000, the real metric to consider is what is the total number of miles or kilometers your drivers have covered through the year. That is likely a much more relevant metric and that leads us to the question:

How many miles have you protected?

The greater distances that the vehicles travel, the more risk is involved for the fleet. The probability of things suggests that fleet managers should be considering the technologies they can deploy to keep their drivers and motor vehicles safer over these distances. Consider distracted driving as an example. The more miles or kilometers your employees and vehicles are covering, the greater the risk for an incident that could affect your business. Deploying a technology that can enforce your driver safety programs or policies is certainly the way to significantly reduce this risk.

Shared, autonomous and electric mobility will continue to change the industry even more and increase the utilization of every commercial motor vehicle in service. Technology always drives us forward and brings on new challenges that even newer innovations must solve. As the auto industry continues to change, the best fleet and transport managers will be seeking new technologies to increase efficiency and mitigate risk and expense.

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