How COVID-19 Has Revealed the Need for a Tech Revolution in Construction

Time is of the Essence More likely than not, COVID-19 has turned your industry on its collective ear. Most businesses have been forced to adapt to remote environments and embrace new technologies –...

From Catchphrase to Credo: Re-thinking “Safety First”

The following is based on a conversation with Jerry Roach, Director of Safety at Kimball Electronics. No sensible manager would ever ignore the importance of safety in the workplace. Where some...
distracted mind

Your Dangerous Wandering Distracted Mind

By David Allan Galloway, Founder and President, Continuous MILE Consulting, LLC Distractions are everywhere in our world. We can be distracted while driving, while working, or while doing any number...

Prepare for the Inevitable: Proactive Vs. Reactive Risk Response

An effective risk management strategy is central to an organization’s business plan and managing its daily operations. There are numerous risks – internally and externally – that exist within a...
culture of safety

Building a Culture of Safety

Creating an effective culture of safety takes the commitment of an entire organization from the top down. Leaders need to be visibly dedicated to change by communicating the organization’s vision...

The Tug of War Between Employers and Employees for Workplace Safety and Productivity

Mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the countless apps accessible through them – are ingrained in our everyday lives, from the moment we wake up and swipe through the morning news...

Increasing Worksite Safety & Productivity in Industrial Work Environments

Manufacturers and industrial enterprises across industries have long embraced the benefits of mobile computing and smart devices for better performance on the production floor, efficiency on the...

Eliminate Phone Alerts in Work Zones

There’s a new danger in work zones. It’s not falling equipment, excessive noise, or collapsing trenches. No, this risk comes from a device that fits in the palm of your hand – we’re talking about...

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Contextual Mobile Device Management

Make no mistake: mobility is our reality. Mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, notebooks and the data and apps they support – are threaded into the fabric of nearly everything we do, from the moment we rise to check our first stream of morning news to the time we sign off and set our wake up alarm each evening.

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The Cost of Distraction

Distracted driving is the fastest growing fleet management expense for businesses, and the stats are startling. Learn more about how you can protect your business.

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Distracted Driving

The problem of distracted driving continues to worsen, fueling a growing global crisis and a public outcry for better solutions to prevent mobile device use behind the wheel.

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Driving a heavy vehicle requires all your attention. That is why Aertssen ensures that their employees are not distracted by their smartphones. CEO Yves Aertssen explains how.

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McKenney's Inc.

Mechanical contractor McKenney’s cut accident rates and severity using TRUCE Software to decrease distracted driving in more than 500 company work trucks.

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Security Company

In 2016, the Company deployed TRUCE across their workforce and Consolidated Insurance negotiated coverage with a new carrier. Since that time, the Company has had ZERO automobile claims.

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Welsco implemented TRUCE in combination with in-vehicle cameras to eliminate mobile device distractions and reinforce safe driving behavior across their workforce.

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Auto-Chlor System

Auto-Chlor implemented TRUCE to eliminate mobile device distractions, such as texting, consuming video content and casual web surfing by the service representatives while driving.

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Estes Services

Estes Services chose to implement TRUCE across their entire fleet of company-owned vehicles and all employee mobile devices. With TRUCE the company could enforce its fleet safety policies and help it retain its commercial insurance.

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Paper Transport, Inc.

TRUCE became a key component of the company’s technology migration. With the TRUCE Management Console, Paper Transport was able to define policy settings for mobile devices and enable only the navigation, hours of service and weigh station bypass functions while a vehicle was in motion.

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JV Communications

Grendon and JV Communications deployed TRUCE Contextual Mobile Device Management solution across their entire workforce of 40 drivers and engineers.

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Proof Positive: Reports and Studies

Study: The Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

TRUCE Software commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying TRUCE.

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Study: How to Unleash the Full Potential of Mobile With Contextual Mobile-Device Management

August 2019 study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TRUCE Software

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Leveraging Technology to Streamline Fleet Operations Before the New Year

Learn insights from industry best practice fleet management techniques to help drive your fleet operations forward

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Nuclear Verdicts: Out of Control or Controlling the Outcome?

Learn about the technology that prevents distracted driving – reducing exposure to potential nuclear verdicts

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Emerging Technology and Distracted Driving: From the Model T to the Model S

Learn why using new vehicle technology may have unintended consequences that adversely affect driver safety

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Why Your Fleet Insurance Costs Are Increasing and How to Leverage Technology to Reduce Insurance Risk

Learn how to explore ways to reduce the chances of accidents

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Distracted Driving: How to Set Up a Safe Driving Program that Actually Works

Vehicle deaths are the No. 1 cause of work-related deaths and account for 24% of all fatal occupational injuries

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Getting a Seat at the Table

Transforming safety into a trusted business partner

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Eliminating Mobile Device Distractions In the Workplace

The impact of the current culture, shifting mindsets, and what’s in it for me

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Distracted Driving – Employer Liability and a Risk Manager’s Worst Nightmare

Employers today are being held liable up to $25 million for distracted driving accidents, even when employees use hands-free devices

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Reconfiguring Business Operations for the New Normal

Operations leaders share ideas on things you can be doing now to stay safe and be productive

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Refocusing in an Age of Distraction

Developing a plan to mitigate digital distractions no matter the workplace

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The Silent War on Mobile Devices

Understanding the gap between mobile device policy and employee behavior, and how to end the conflict.

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Hacking Distraction

Getting the best out of technology without letting it get the best of you

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No Accident

Join in on the conversation as we speak to safety leaders on minimizing risk and keeping a safe workplace.

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