TRUCE Works Where You Do to Eliminate Distractions

No matter where your employees work, you want them to be safe and focused on what they are doing. TRUCE’s award-winning app ensures mobile devices don’t stand in the way, so your people and your business can succeed.

Truce Workplace Safety Software App

All in a Day’s Work

Mobile devices can be a powerful advantage for employees in some instances, but a serious distraction or even a danger in others. TRUCE seamlessly transitions as employees move between places and situations, to enforce your policy throughout the workday. Below are some examples.

Behind the Wheel

Truce Workplace Safety Software Example

TRUCE can work HERE – when an employee drives to a job site or is making a delivery.

But NOT HERE – when they are riding as a passenger or on their own time.

TRUCE’s oneofa-kind platform helps keep employees safe as they take to the road, protecting them at the times and places your policy requires. Learn how TRUCE prevents accidents and protects your company.


Check out TRUCE and Driving

Around Heavy Equipment

TRUCE can work HERE – when an employee is near or operating machinery.

But NOT HERE – when it’s break time.

Dangerous machinery and loud, bustling work sites demand the full attention of your employees. TRUCE blocks distractions from mobile devices in the times and places defined by your policy, to keep your people and resources safe on site. Learn more.

Check out TRUCE and Heavy Equipment

In the Workplace

TRUCE can work HERE – when an employee needs to react quickly or operate machinery.

But NOT HERE – during a break or after work hours.

Employees in warehouses, factories, offices or labs can’t focus on the job with constant interruptions. TRUCE puts mobile distractions on hold, wherever and whenever your policy is in effect. Learn how it helps workers excel and improves your company’s productivity.

Check out TRUCE in the Workplace

See How TRUCE’s Safety and Efficiency Is Transforming the Way We Work

Welsco, Inc. deployed TRUCE and in-vehicle cameras to understand what was causing their growing accident rate and put a stop to it.
Accident rate dropped 70%
Claims expenses dropped 90%
Achieved 100% buy-in from employees
Mechanical contractor McKenney’s cut accident rates and severity using TRUCE to decrease distracted driving in more than 500 company work trucks.
Accident rate dropped by double-digits in two years despite more vehicles on the road covering 1 million more miles
Ireland-based electrical contractor JV Communications uses TRUCE as a competitive advantage, delivering higher safety standards and proven compliance to their customers.
27% reduction in annual fleet policy expenses
Auditable compliance and reporting
Truce Workplace Safety Software Data

How TRUCE Works

See how TRUCE engineers out distractions with easy onboarding, simple controls and all the tools your company needs to work safer. Smarter. And better.

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