TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions

Today’s frontline lone workers have no way of knowing what’s behind the next door they knock on or beyond the next mile they travel. TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions helps employees stay connected to the help they need when they most need it. 

Protect My Team

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Protect Your Distributed Teams

Respond to, escalate, and document time-sensitive safety and operations issues that occur in the field with TRUCE’s Targeted Event Escalation and Response.

Lone Worker Protection

View safety statuses and get notified of problems immediately. Medium and high risk situations are acknowledged and put in front of the right person to take action. And if a team member is in danger, help is on the way.

Smart Enterprise Communication

Effective communication focuses on the worker – what they need to know based on their work and where they are. TRUCE makes it easy to communicate with employees and send targeted, precise messages.

Critical Event Management Software

Broadcast urgent messages and localized safety alerts based on geographic area, threats, work group, and more. Custom message priority levels and response controls keep communications relevant and streamlined.

Safety Wherever Work Takes Them

Designed for today’s dynamic workplace, TRUCE takes safety culture to every work destination. Your team may not know what will happen at their next job site, but they know that your organization has their back.

From Lone Wolf to Wolf Pack

TRUCE keeps employee safety at the forefront – from individual safety check-ins to emergency group messages. One app helps teams stay connected to resolve issues and ensure everyone gets home safely each day.

The TRUCE Difference

3 Solutions in 1

TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions outperforms standalone apps by combining communication, critical event management, and lone worker safety into one app for maximum value.

Faster, Easier Problem Solving

TRUCE includes a robust, intuitive messaging platform that helps people get work done each day. Experience superior communication and collaboration with your distributed workforce.

Make Safety a Daily Habit

Most lone worker solutions fall short because teams aren’t accustomed to using them. TRUCE is a helpful part of every day, so safety stays top of mind — and teams know how to activate TRUCE when it matters most.

On Their Own But Never Alone

Not all lone working risks can be prevented or controlled. But TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions enables organizations to stand by workers – no matter where they are. Handle critical events in a streamlined hub that improves safety and expedites urgent problem-solving and response time

Get Ahead of Risks

Are Your Employees Safe?

Almost one in five lone worker professionals report having an accident and struggling to get assistance. TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions helps keep your team protected when the unexpected happens.
Just a normal day tree pruning turns dangerous when an arborist, miles from their vehicle, encounters an antagonistic person illegally hunting in the area.
A pest control technician arrives at their destination, but instead of termites, they discover an illegal drug operation.
A commercial properties manager checks up on a vacant building to find hostile squatters inside.
Inside a chicken coop alone, a worker lays on their back, unable to move. They have slipped and become seriously injured. No one knows where they are, and they are stranded all night.

Responsive Technology That Adapts to Every Environment

TRUCE goes beyond other lone worker safety solutions to include the option to protect employees en route. TRUCE has helped companies solve for mobile device distraction for over a decade. Like an automatic safety switch, TRUCE adapts to what’s going on around the user in real time, according to your policy, and suppresses the apps they don’t need.

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