Refocusing in an Age of Distraction

Developing a plan to mitigate digital distractions no matter the workplace

If you’re hesitant to establish and enforce policies to manage mobile device usage — both work-related and personal — in your organization because you fear a mutiny by your employees, there’s never been a better time than now to take action.

In this webinar, Refocusing In An Age Of Distraction, Michael Mercier, Founder and President of Screen Education, discusses the framework for developing a plan to mitigate workplace digital distraction and the problems that result from it — accidents, reduced productivity, and a corrosive work climate.

Learn how employers should feel emboldened to take action, now, including:

  • How 65% of employees are looking to their employer to solve the problem of distraction.
  • How doing nothing is translating into real financial risks for organizations.
  • How you can get your employees on board to being part of the solution.

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Refocusing in an age of distraction webinar Michael Mercier
Featured Presenter

Michael Mercier
Founder and President
Screen Education

Michael Mercier is Founder and President of Screen Education, which conducts research, and provides training and consulting services, on the impact of information technology on human wellness. Mr. Mercier has conducted 15 research studies on digital addiction with teens, college students, summer campers, parents, Millennials, and full-time employees. His research has examined the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical consequences of digital addiction, as well as its impact on academic performance and workplace productivity, environment, and safety.

He speaks on smartphone addiction to schools, corporate audiences, colleges and summer camps, and at educational technology, summer camp, mindfulness, workplace safety, and marketing conferences. His research partners have included EMI Research Solutions, Stark Statistical Consulting, numerous summer camps and schools, The Jewish Community Center Association of North America, Hiram College, and BOLDFISH. He has presented his research to members of Congress, and to the legislative staffs of numerous Senators.