100% Committed to Privacy

At the heart of TRUCE’s philosophy is a deep, unwavering respect for privacy. It’s a fundamental right for everyone. That’s why, from day one, we have honored the privacy of everyone that uses our software.

Our Promises

Every day, over 100,000 people feel safe and comfortable carrying the TRUCE app in their pockets. Here are some reasons why.

Your Privacy Matters

TRUCE puts into action your company’s safety and mobile device policies and has no hidden agenda. Your company has partnered with TRUCE to protect its most valuable resource: you.

Leave Work at Work

Non-work-related activities are not TRUCE’s business. When the TRUCE app moves to the background, it goes to sleep. It won’t track where users go or what they do. It’s as if a switch is turned off.

Personal Info Stays that Way

TRUCE never sees the photos, videos, passwords or credit card information on a device. It doesn’t listen to calls or read texts and emails either.

We Don’t Track Apps or Browse Browsers

TRUCE doesn’t track which apps on a device are being used or spy on searches.

Data is Not for Sale

Aside from data that applies to your company’s mobile policy, TRUCE doesn’t share or store any information. Your data is never sold.