100% Committed to Privacy

At the heart of TRUCE’s philosophy is a deep, unwavering respect for privacy. We believe it’s a fundamental right for everyone. That’s why, from day one, we’ve stood strong to preserve it.

We are open and honest about how we use data, so there are no surprises. In that spirit, we’ve made the below promises.

While it’s important for you to understand everything TRUCE can do for your business, we believe what we don’t do is just as critical.

Our Promises

Every day, over 100 thousand people feel comfortable and confident carrying the TRUCE app in their pockets. Here are some reasons why.

Our Policy Ends with Yours

TRUCE simply puts into action your company policy. While we consider ourselves to be hard workers, this is one case where we never go above and beyond.

Leave Work at Work

Non-work-related activities are not our business. When the TRUCE app moves to the background, it goes to sleep. It won’t track where users go or what they do. It’s as if a switch is turned off.

Personal Info Stays that Way

We never see the photos or videos, passwords or credit card information on a device. We don’t listen to calls or read texts and emails either. Frankly, we’re completely out of the loop – and that’s quite okay.

We Don’t Track Apps or Browse Browsers

TRUCE doesn’t track which apps on a device are being used. We don’t spy on searches either.

Data is Not for Sale

Aside from data that applies to your company’s mobile policy, we don’t share or store any information. And we certainly won’t sell it.

Meet Our Partner

TRUCE is allied with Privacy Shield Framework, a leading privacy platform that was designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the European Commission and Swiss Administration. Our policy is certified in accordance with their standards.

Privacy Shield Framework Logo

“TRUCE is firmly committed to protecting the safety and success of employees while relentlessly protecting their privacy rights. Day after day, that’s how we live up to the trust our customers invest in us.”

Joe Boyle, CEO, TRUCE Software