November 21, 2019 | Press Release

New Total Economic Impact Study Finds TRUCE Software Delivers 360% Return on Investment

Independent research supports TRUCE’s CMDM technology as an effective solution for combating mobile device distractions while driving

TRUCE Software, the global leader in contextual mobile device management technology, today released the results of its November 2019 TRUCE-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting coined, ‘The Total Economic Impact™ of TRUCE Software.’ The study concluded that a composite organization based on characteristics of interviewed companies utilizing TRUCE to support mobile device policies and eliminate distracted driving in their fleets achieved a payback in less than three months and a 360% return on investment over three years.

TRUCE’s patented technology enables employers to improve employee safety and productivity by managing their access to mobile apps in designated work zones and company vehicles using contextual indicators and location-specific beacons. As a result, employees work smarter and safer in designated zones – behind a desk, in a meeting room, driving a vehicle, working at a jobsite, etc. – and TRUCE drops to the background when not needed. Unlike reactionary technologies like telematics and cameras, which are used after incidents occur, TRUCE proactively eliminates distracted driving before it happens.

While the quantifiable benefits of implementing TRUCE included up to a 58% reduction in vehicle accidents and the ability to reduce auto-liability costs by up to 20%, organizations also noted several unquantifiable benefits. Describing distracted driving as a “very visible, real problem for our customers and the wider public to see,” one company identified TRUCE as a way to improve brand reputation and be perceived as an industry leader, wanting “people to view our company as the standard” with regard to safety. Another found TRUCE actually improved driver satisfaction, noting their drivers “don’t have to worry about answering emails and text messages. It’s just peaceful driving now.”

“We believe our solution helps our customers provide safer, more productive work environments for their employees. This analysis shows just how practical and effective TRUCE can also be for companies looking to eliminate distracted driving,” said Joe Boyle, CEO, TRUCE Software. “The findings support the fact that our solution can deliver real results to our customers’ bottom line while also providing them with the confidence that their drivers can make it home safely each day.”

Additionally, if an unpreventable accident did occur, employees reportedly felt supported by TRUCE. “What’s been an additional benefit is when issues arise with our employees where you tend to not necessarily believe their story, [TRUCE] has really supported them in a lot of ways,” stated a participating company.

Commissioned by TRUCE Software, The Total Economic Impact™ study was developed through interviews with four existing customers that deployed CMDM within the past three years. The full Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study is available for download at

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