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Safety: The Dirty Secret of the Cleaning & Maintenance Industries

In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by TRUCE Software, learn how you and your employees can stay safer on the job.

Putting the Power of Mobility into Employees’ Hands

The overarching question for business leaders looking to adopt, or further embrace, mobile solutions across the enterprise is not just what to deploy but how to deploy it.

Safety Technology Trends To Watch In 2022

Safety in the workplace is a top priority for any business, with hazards on the job posing a threat to employees’ well being, worker retention, and a company’s bottom line.

Managing Safety With Tablets and Smartphones at the Jobsite

With construction workers able to access the digital tools they need from a hand-held device that connects to the Internet, workers are more likely to use the device while moving or trying to complete multiple tasks, posing a safety risk for everyone.

Cutting Down Distracted Driving

Lawn and landscape crews travel from site to site throughout the workday—and when doing so, they assume the duty of keeping themselves and others safe while juggling time crunches, navigational challenges, and ongoing communications with the company and customer.

The Connected Workforce: What Workers Want To See More (And Less) Of This Year And Beyond

Technology continues to revolutionize work at breakneck speed. As more business processes become digital, paired with the workforce moving away from traditional workspaces, it’s unlikely the nature of work will ever go back to the old way of doing things.