November 12, 2020 | Press Release

TRUCE Software Awarded U.S. Patent for Contextual Mobile Device Management (CMDM)

Patent reinforces TRUCE’s breakthrough approach to mobile device management and policy enforcement

TRUCE Software, the first platform to offer a contextually-aware and responsive mobile device management solution, announces today the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,805,861 for the use of a mobile app to detect workplace events, such as movement, proximity, or location, and automatically trigger situationally-relevant management of a mobile device and enforcement of mobile device policies. With this patent, TRUCE continues to lead the transformation in how companies incorporate mobility into the workplace and builds on its existing and extensive patent portfolio.

“CMDM offers companies of all sizes a new way to deploy mobility across their workforce, knowing that the content and acceptable use of any device needs to change as an employee moves throughout their day,” said Joe Breaux, chief technology officer, TRUCE Software. “Our one-of-a-kind technology allows companies to dynamically adjust access to mobile content and functionality based on real-time safety, security, or productivity challenges.”

Current mobile device management (MDM) solutions are designed to secure endpoints within a company’s network and protect access to company-related data. However, these solutions fail to take into consideration when and where a mobile device is being used or allow for dynamic adjustment of controls based on changing situations. The ability to enforce policies based on the situation in which those policies should be applied allows for a more effective approach to mobile device management, strengthening the underlying MDM solution while also ensuring the safety and security of employees.

According to a 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TRUCE Software, “…mobile isn’t good in all contexts, and the key to managing it effectively is context — whether or not mobile usage is positive or negative depends largely on who is using it, what they are trying to accomplish, and where they physically are.” In fact, according to that same study, 60% of decision-makers agree that enforcing policies on context would improve worker safety, while almost 70% agree that enforcing policies based on context can improve employees’ ability to focus and work more effectively1.

“For years, companies have either tried to overly control mobility in the workplace by eliminating device capabilities or assumed that true control was unattainable, relying instead on the use of policies to regulate behavior. Neither approach really works,” said Breaux. “TRUCE offers real solutions for real life business requirements.”

The “Context-Aware Mobile Device Management” patent applies to all mobile operating systems and devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, etc.), and all environments where mobile devices can be used.

TRUCE has now been granted 10 U.S. patents with another six pending that enable the functionality of its CMDM platform. With the technology covered by these patents, the company can address on-site workplace management and industrial workforce safety, as well as distracted driving in commercial fleets.

1 Unleash the Full Potential of Mobile With Contextual Mobile-Device Management, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TRUCE Software, July 2019

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