Employee Text Messaging System and Enterprise SMS

Searching for a better way to contact employees? Discover the next generation of employee text messaging and enterprise SMS. TRUCE is a streamlined communications hub that boosts productivity and safety, and helps you quickly solve field operations issues day to day.

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Employee Messaging System Without the Clutter

No more broadcasting to everyone. Unlike mass text messaging platforms, TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions was designed to easily send targeted messages.

Reach the Right Audience

TRUCE enables you to send messages to specific workgroups, individuals, or teams based on geographic location and other criteria.

Streamlined Communication

Say goodbye to message fatigue and unnecessary distractions. TRUCE ensures that only relevant messages reach the right groups.

Response Control

After you send an alert, you choose what happens next. Disable responses or enable preset response options. When it’s helpful, enable group chat.

Communicate with Employees in Specific Locations

Relevant alerts ensure that your workforce stays protected and informed. Map drawing features help you hone in on exact employees and teams and gain the ability to send messages to a precise group.

Enterprise Messaging for Safety and Operations

Provide real-time updates on imminent threats and critical information relevant to each group or individual, keeping everyone in the loop. Automatically escalate urgent safety messages and quickly solve operations issues.

  • Safety status check in/“Panic button”
  • Employee location in emergencies
  • Severe weather and custom alerts
Internal Communications
  • Sending reminders
  • Deadlines
  • Important company and department announcements
  • Employee polling
  • Dispatching
  • Shift scheduling
  • Anticipated time left on site
  • Missing/broken equipment or other issues

Event Escalation and Response

See at-risk safety statuses in the message center and map view. TRUCE’s system can automatically escalate the notification(s) to the relevant supervisors on duty so that employees get the assistance that they need.

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