5 Reasons Your Driver Safety Solution Isn’t Working

August 29, 2017 | Blog
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The past several years have seen some of the sharpest increases in traffic crashes in decades. In 2015, the most recent year data is available, the number of large trucks or buses involved in fatal accidents rose 8 percent. Many experts point out, and we would agree, that the rise in crashes is in large part due to distracted driving and company’s lacking a driver safety solution.

It’s appropriate to point out that the commercial industry has made strides in driving safety: providing better quality and more frequent training, etc., and implementing other solutions such as cameras and monitoring systems but these factors have not left them immune to rising crash trends. Here are 5 reasons why solutions you have implemented with your drivers don’t seem to be working or changing behavior.



Driver safety systems came to the Android marketplace early on. This is in large part due to the fact that the Android operating system is open, making it easy for developers to create tools and apps for everyone to use. If everyone used an Android device, there would be no issue here, but that is not the case.

The iPhone and iOS devices are proliferating across the globe, and this trend is also true in a commercial environment. To ensure your entire fleet of drivers are protected you need a solution that works across all platforms, and is enforceable on the iPhone and iOS devices as well.



Let’s face it, any system you try to implement which is also difficult to manage, won’t be successful. You probably don’t want a solution that’s difficult to install or allow your employee’s phone to come out of blocking mode when sitting at a red light. Maybe the solution you have is an ‘all-or-nothing’ tool and not flexible to meet your company’s specific needs. Safe driving systems should compliment what you’re doing at a safety level and make it easier to do your job.



Speaking of doing your job–reporting and auditing is probably a large part of it. If your driver safety tool isn’t helping make these areas more efficient and insightful, it’s holding you back. Does it have standardized reporting but also the ability to customize based on the data you’re interested in?  Can you run reports based on dangerous driving behavior like harsh braking or acceleration, or phone use behind the wheel? Or how about when and where they’re speeding? Without insights like these, you are simply not getting the full value and view of what’s happening in your fleet.



Downloading a text blocking app that can be deleted without your knowledge means that your employee is still in control of decision-making when it comes to texting, posting, selfie-taking, watching movies or any of the other myriad mobile activities that distract your employee from safe driving. Will it notify you if an employee tries to deactivate it? Without such features in a driver safety solution, you are simply not in charge and can’t ensure your employee’s safety on the road.



Does your current solution help your employee drivers learn safer driving behavior? If not, they probably won’t actually get better. Consider solutions that improve braking and cornering techniques by tracking and sending fleet administrators a driving score and analysis after your employee completes his drive.



TRUCE is an innovative technology solution that’s been recognized by the National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) and Fleet Owner Magazine. This unique driver safety solution combines a windshield-mounted device and a mobile app to prevent dangerous driving behaviors by controlling how your employee uses his/her phone. The technology connects to your employee’s phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and when the vehicle is in motion, texting, calling, and other app usage (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc.) can be disabled based on your policies and decisions.  This puts you in charge, and empowers your employee to concentrate on safe driving practices.

We invite you to compare TRUCE to other available apps that claim to block cell phone use while driving. Learn more about the best tool for preventing distracted driving and protecting your employee driver.

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