Limit Distractions Without Limiting Access

The explosion of mobile technology has transformed life in lots of incredible ways. But there are times it can cause controversy in the workplace. Employers worry devices will threaten safety and productivity (and ultimately, profits). But employees feel they have a right to keep their phones and tablets nearby.

TRUCE is a way for everyone to win.

Context Matters

Unlike all-or-nothing solutions, TRUCE understands that mobile devices can be highly valuable for employees in some circumstances, but disruptive or even dangerous in others.

As the first and only Contextual Mobility Management (CMM) platform, TRUCE makes it easy for your company to take advantage of mobile’s benefits when it’s appropriate. And limit access precisely when and where it distracts from work.

Your Policy, Your Rules

TRUCE takes its cue from your own Mobile Device Usage Policies. You define the what, when and where of how TRUCE protects your employees based on:

  • Location or proximity to high-risk areas or equipment
  • Movement, even down to the speed
  • Time of day or day of week
  • User or workgroup

Want to know how well your policies are protecting the safety and productivity of your employees? Check out our mobile device policy assessment tool to see how you’re doing.

Policy Assessment Tool

How Contextual Mobility Management Works

Finding the Right Context

The TRUCE Mobile App senses broad contextual signals such as schedule (time of day or day of week), workgroup or user, as defined by your policy. The App can also recognize movement by leveraging the built-in capabilities of the mobile device. 

But there are times when being more specific can improve the entire experience for your company and employees. We call this Microcontext. For example, you want TRUCE actively protecting your employee when they are driving a company vehicle. But when they are in the backseat of rideshare, your employee should have full access to their phone. To create this differentiation, TRUCE deploys small beacons to more narrowly define the work zone. The TRUCE Beacons can detect movement or be used to define boundaries (e.g. the walls of a conference room) and they communicate to the App via Bluetooth.

Whatever Device, Wherever You Define

The patented TRUCE Mobile App works with iOS and Android phones and tablets, whether provided by the company or BYOD. When the App isn’t needed, it drops to the background.

The TRUCE Mobile App automatically switches to Active mode depending on how or where the device is being used, as defined by your policy. Apps and functions that help your employee are kept front and center, while those seen as distracting are temporarily hidden. Think of it as an automatic safety switch for the phone.

Managing TRUCE Across the Workplace

You never need to wonder how TRUCE is working at your company. The TRUCE Management Console lets you see for yourself.

Whether you want to get a sense of the big picture or zero in on specifics, the dashboard organizes the data so you can understand utilization, monitor compliance and spot trends.

Data That’s Easy to Digest

TRUCE offers built-in, color-coded reports so you see what’s happening at-a-glance without having to sift through tons of data.

  • Green tells you everything is going according to plan;
  • Yellow indicates an issue warrants investigating;
  • Red alerts you to problems you must address.
  • Gray tells you that the devices are distributed but not activated.

Want to check in on the go? You also have the option to set up email notifications.

“Our teams are organized by regions and the reports are auto-generated. Each manager is able to receive a daily and weekly report on the performance of their team members.”

John Pytell, Safety Compliance Manager, Auto-Chlor System

The Access – and Privacy Employees Expect

You can feel secure that when TRUCE is engaged, employees always have 911 access for emergencies. In addition, you can whitelist any numbers or apps you decide not to restrict.

During your employees’ personal time, the TRUCE Mobile App moves to the background. TRUCE understands the need to disengage and respects everyone’s right to privacy. Want to learn more?

Respect for Privacy

Want to Learn More About TRUCE?

Check out our Resources section to find a variety of helpful videos, white papers and case studies. Or schedule a 15-minute demo and get your questions answered now.

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