Distracted Driving Posters for Work

April 03, 2023 | Blog

Distracted driving posters help to strengthen safety culture. They show an organization’s commitment to employee safety across the workday, especially in the driving workplace. Displaying posters in high-traffic areas sends a message that safe driving is an ongoing priority.

Why use visuals to stop driver distraction? People often say that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and science supports that idea:

  • Images make learning more enjoyable.
  • People recall concepts better when paired with images. Pictures anchor us to what we’ve learned.
  • Based on brain function, people process images more quickly than words.1

Free Posters to Download

We’ve made it easier to include distracted driving posters in your fleet safety program or national distracted driving awareness month curriculum. See also: recommendations for distracted driving training. Here are four posters to help you “Drive Good in the World,” plus additional options from safety organizations.

  1. When people look at their cell phones while driving, they no longer see what’s happening around them. This makes them twice as likely to get into a crash.2
  2. Distracted driving is everywhere and is misunderstood. Did you know that if employees talk on the phone, that even takes their full attention off the road? Studies show that people’s awareness of their surroundings drops by 50%. Many people also believe that they can multitask or are skilled enough drivers that checking their phone for a second won’t matter. Statistics show otherwise: 9 people in the US die every day in crashes that involve a distracted driver.3
  3. Distracted drivers travel the length of a football field without looking at the road, endangering themselves and others.4
  4. In the words of safety expert (and self-proclaimed Fleet Safety Geek) Bob Mossing, a driver’s “number one job is to drive.” Drivers need to focus on the road and what’s around them because – in addition to resisting the urge to look at notifications or send a text message – they may need to drive defensively. One out of every 10 drivers is using their cell phone.5

With driver safety, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (no pun intended). There are many organizations dedicated to distracted driving prevention. Here are additional resource libraries from reputable sources.

To learn more about how to stop company and fleet distracted driving automatically using software, explore TRUCE or download our guide below.

Kick Distracted Driving to the Curb and Promote a Safer Workforce

Mobile device-related accidents are the “New DUI”

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