Deliver the Right Mobile Device Access at the Right Time

Manage employees’ mobile device permissions and access in real time based on their surroundings and according to your company policy.

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Embrace the Benefits of Mobility Without Sweating the Risks

Mobile devices help employees do their jobs, but many companies find they also introduce risks to productivity and safety.

Your company sets policies for when and where employees can access certain mobile apps and functions. TRUCE puts those policies into action, adjusting what your employees can do on their devices in real time. Critical apps come to the forefront while any potential distractions stay hidden until it’s safe.


What TRUCE Does

Prevent distracted driving
Prevents Distracted Driving

Reduce at-fault motor vehicle crashes and their associated costs by 40% or more in a year.*

*Based on typical TRUCE customer results.

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Ensure Forklift Safety
Protects Heavy Equipment Operators and Pedestrians

TRUCE can help prevent digital distractions from putting heavy equipment operators and the employees working around them at risk.

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Empower Productivity
Keeps Lone Workers and Field Teams Safe

Address work-critical topics and solve urgent problems in a streamlined safety hub that protects workers throughout the entire work day.

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TRUCE Is Committed to Privacy

TRUCE puts your company policy into action.

We never see the photos or videos, passwords or credit card information on a device. We don’t listen to calls or read texts and emails either. TRUCE doesn’t track which apps on a device are being used and we don’t spy on searches either.

Frankly, we’re completely out of the loop – and that’s quite okay.

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Extend Your Team with TRUCE

You Need a Partner Who’s With You Every Step of the Way

Change is hard, but we help you navigate common challenges. For over a decade, we’ve worked with best-in-class enterprises who are experts in organizational change and safety culture. We’ve distilled our experiences into a proven process to help you deploy TRUCE and achieve your goals.

How TRUCE Works

See how TRUCE engineers in situational awareness and smarter mobility with easy onboarding, simple controls and all the tools your company needs to work smarter, safer, and better.

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