Safety Technology for Cleaning, Maintenance and Facility Services

Professionals in cleaning, maintenance and facility services face unique challenges and environments every day. Empower your team to stay connected and safe, no matter where their work takes them.

Protect Your Team

Try TRUCE With Your Team

Help Is on the Way

TRUCE’s Targeted Event Escalation and Response system allows you to respond to, escalate, and document time-sensitive safety and operations issues in the field.

View safety statuses and receive immediate notifications of problems. Medium and high-risk situations are escalated to the right person for swift action. And if a team member is in danger, help is on the way.

Smart Employee Messaging

There’s a better way to reach your team. TRUCE allows you to contact employees based on facility, location, dangers, job role, and more.

Broadcast important messages and localized safety alerts with ease. Custom message priority levels and response controls keep communications relevant and efficient. Work communications stay at work, protecting work-life balance and documenting issues.

Connected, Safe and Empowered

Your team may not know what awaits them at the next job site or shift, but they can trust that your organization has their back.

TRUCE places employee safety at the forefront, from individual safety check-ins to emergency group messages. One app keeps teams connected to resolve issues and ensure everyone returns home safely every day.

The TRUCE Difference

3 Solutions in 1

TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions outperforms standalone apps by combining communication, critical event management, and lone worker safety into one app for maximum value.

Faster, Easier Problem Solving

TRUCE includes a robust, intuitive messaging platform that helps people get work done each day. Experience superior communication and collaboration with your distributed workforce.

Make Safety a Daily Habit

Most lone worker solutions fall short because teams aren’t accustomed to using them. TRUCE is a helpful part of every day, so safety stays top of mind — and teams know how to activate TRUCE when it matters most.

Together, Even When Apart

With TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions, you can stand by your team, no matter where they are. Ensure quick response times and improve safety during critical events.

Get Ahead of Risks

Are Your Employees Safe?

One in three frontline workers report feeling unsafe on the job. TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions are here to safeguard your team when the unexpected happens.

Watch a Demo

A cleaning professional feels unsafe after a client’s threatening behavior.
A custodian enters an empty building and discovers an unauthorized entry.
A maintenance technician uncovers severe biohazards during routine inspections.
A facility manager has no idea that one of her staff is immobilized and trapped in a building.

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