Matt Riley — VP Enterprise Sales

Over the course of a 30-year career, Matt has worked for great companies like Pepsi and USAA, and partnered with others like Home Depot and Apple. Over those years, he’s logged many miles, working coast-to-coast, as well as a 7200-mile commute to Tel Aviv. He’s racked up millions of air miles, visited hundreds of corporate and regional offices, and has gone through five roller bags, three projectors, and countless pairs of dress shoes.

Needless to say, those experiences have helped him understand the unique challenges that large enterprises face, and he’s leveraged his experience to help large companies solve big problems, including how to keep fleets safe and efficient. He’s proud to have participated in market-leading next-generation products and services that help large brands and enterprises deliver better experiences, drive efficiency, and the top and bottom line.


Life is an adventure, but we can work to make it safer for everyone

“At TRUCE, we’re saving lives and increasing productivity by helping enterprises eliminate mobile device distraction in the workplace while delivering bottom-line results. I’m really excited to be a part of the next generation of mobile device management with a higher purpose.”

– Matt