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We use our MDM to limit and remove applications that do not comply with our corporate policy. How does the TRUCE approach differ?

MDMs traditionally take more of an “all or nothing” approach, meaning if you wanted to manage or limit access on a corporate mobile device, you would need to limit access all the time. With TRUCE, IT teams no longer need to lock down or “dumb down” a mobile device, compromising on its full capabilities in […]

We have already invested in MDM technology. Does TRUCE require me to implement something new?

Investing in MDM or EMM is a critical part of effective maintenance and management of mobile devices across the workplace. TRUCE complements those existing investments by adding a layer of contextual intelligence to device management. With TRUCE, user access to the apps and functions managed by an MDM can be dynamically adapted based on where […]

What sort of reaction should I expect in my organization by implementing TRUCE?

This is a change, not just for employees but for the entire organization. It is normal for people to resist change, and most people will be in denial about their mobile phone usage.  That’s why it’s so important to manage expectations right from the onset, ensuring all impacted employees understand why TRUCE is being deployed, […]

I have limited resources, how difficult will it be to manage compliance with TRUCE?

Only limited effort is required to ensure your team stays compliant while using TRUCE. During Implementation, we’ll work with you to develop effective change management communication and customized application training to meet your safety requirements. We’ll also equip you with training materials, including videos, to assist with any new hires to the program. In our […]