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Kirby Rabalais
Strategic Account Executive

Miller Pipeline

“Our goal is to drive safety leadership at all levels, promote individual ownership and ensure every employee returns home to their family safe, every day!”
Steve Cronkhite – Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety

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[Recording] TRUCE Product Demonstration

We held a 30-minute product demonstration webinar on 2/11/2020. I thought this would be a good resource for you as well.

[PowerPoint] TRUCE and Miller Pipeline

Take a look at the slide deck I pulled together to illustrate how TRUCE can help Miller Pipeline eliminate distracted driving.

[Video] Distracted Driving

See how you can improve the safety of all your drivers by eliminating mobile device distractions before they occur.

[Video] Side-by-Side Comparison

See what it is like to drive with and without TRUCE in your vehicle – and learn the benefits for both your drivers and company as a whole.

[Study] Total Economic Impact of TRUCE Software

Study finds TRUCE has a 360% return on investment, a payback in less than 3 months, and benefits equaling $12.5M.

[White Paper] Kick Distracted Driving to the Curb

Explore the leading causes of distracted driving – and the benefits and limitations of popular distracted driving technologies.