National leader in commercial cleaning services reduces avoidable workplace accidents

For more than 80 years, Auto-Chlor System has provided patented cleaning products and services for commercial kitchens, laundry and housekeeping operations. With over 5,000 customers across the US, the company operates 120 service locations and a corresponding fleet of dedicated service representatives.


Auto-Chlor System has a history of innovative thinking. The company revolutionized warewashing and sanitation methods and have the patents and satisfied customers to prove it. Company owners believe in being as innovative in protecting their employees and customers as they are about their commercial washing products. It was with that mindset that John Pytell, Safety Compliance Manager for Auto-Chlor approached solving a rapidly growing concern for the business.

With growing demand for Auto-Chlor product delivery as well as service and maintenance, Pytell and his team became concerned about the increasing risks of service representatives distracted by mobile devices while driving and wanted a way to reduce avoidable accidents. While they hadn’t experienced a catastrophic event, Pytell knew it was only a matter of time and sought a way to prevent such a thing from happening. He looked for a solution that would allow him to enforce a new mobile device usage policy, but not be disruptive to the business. It also needed to provide insights into driving behaviors that could be coached for performance improvement.


Lowering accident rates from preventable causes

Keeping fleet vehicles in service to meet delivery demands

Implementing an enforceable mobile device policy


Auto-Chlor implemented TRUCE® to eliminate mobile device distractions, such as texting, consuming video content and casual web surfing by the service representatives while driving.

“I drive 40 miles to work each day and the number of people I see checking their phones at high speeds is alarming. TRUCE has eliminated that for our employees, and it has reduced our vehicle accident rates.”

John Pytell
Safety Compliance Manager, Auto-Chlor System

TRUCE provides visibility into the safety and performance of employees

With a target of lowering accident rates, Auto-Chlor identified that distracted driving was one of the main causes of preventable accidents. Auto-Chlor used TRUCE to implement its new mobile device usage policies which the company had adopted to prohibit distracted driving.

When activated, TRUCE enables only those apps or functions that the service representative needs while driving, such as navigation, music and voice dialing. All other apps and functions are “hidden” until the vehicle has come to a complete stop. If an employee receives a text while on the road, the sender receives an automated response notifying them that the person they are texting is currently driving and unable to respond.

TRUCE also provides visibility into the safety and performance of the Auto-Chlor service representatives on the road through its Management Console. With the webbased application on a computer in the office, Pytell is able to make adjustments to policy enforcement based on time of day, day of week, employee and work group and manage any exceptions that occur. Through the standard reports, Pytell receives information on the safety of his service representatives so that he can take corrective actions where needed. “Because our teams are organized by regions and the reports are autogenerated, each manager is able to receive a daily and weekly report on the performance of their team members,” said Pytell.

Auto-Chlor also counts on the support from TRUCE, much like their customers rely on Auto-Chlor for service. “My experience with the support team is very good,” said Pytell. “The system is very easy to use and if something comes up that I can’t fix, I go to the TRUCE support team immediately.


Reliable mobile device policy enforcement

Significant reduction in preventable employee accident rates

Increased visibility into driver performance

The Right Technology to Limit Risk

With TRUCE deployed across their team of service representatives, Auto-Chlor has reduced preventable accidents and reduced the avoidable down time and expense from out-of-service vehicles in the fleet. “I fully recommend TRUCE and think it is a great system,” said Pytell.

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