United Kingdom Distracted Driving Laws

The bottom line for using a phone whilst driving in the UK is simple. It is illegal. Commercial fleet managers in the UK work hard to comply with laws and regulations and TRUCE has a technology solution for companies that are trying to adhere to the latest UK distracted driving laws and regulations.

The penalty points and fines associated with using a mobile device in the UK continue to become more strict. 6 penalty points an a £200 fine is the current consequence of using your hand-held mobile phone whilst driving. This is even in the cases of when you are stopped at a traffic light or queuing in traffic.

Education of the laws and the risks associated with this negative driving behavior can help. However, the real solution lies in enforcement of the laws through technology. Since many drivers can’t resist the habit of reaching for the mobile even when driving, using a technology platform to lock down the phone is surely the proper solution.

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