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Optimize how mobility is used across the workplace and improve end-user and customer experiences with TRUCE® and Stratix.

Better Together

Drawing on over four decades of experience, Stratix designs and delivers comprehensive SmartMobile managed services programs that make customers’ mobile technology solutions convenient, easy, and cost-effective – including consulting, procurement, deployment, end-to-end lifecycle services, and 24×7 support. TRUCE adds a unique layer to enterprise mobility and digital transformation, reading the context around a device to deliver workers what they need in real time to be safe and productive. Stratix solution architects work with customers to understand their environments and suggest ways that TRUCE technology can help achieve goals.

Experience Unrivaled Digital Transformation with TRUCE and Stratix

TRUCE and Stratix have teamed up to offer eligible companies a no-cost Proof of Concept (POC) trial. Experience firsthand how Stratix and TRUCE increase productivity, mitigate corporate risk, and keep employees safe:

  • Collaborate on the POC scope and performance metrics to suit your evaluation.
  • Select up to 5 participants to experience TRUCE for 10 days.
  • Review performance metrics, lessons learned, and other POC project results.
TRUCE Stratix POC Box

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In manufacturing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and other field services, TRUCE’s safety enhancements and ability to minimize distractions are invaluable, and you’ll want to see for yourself.

Lone Worker Safety and Field Team Solutions

TRUCE helps organizations protect and support their associates—no matter where their work takes them. Our targeted enterprise messaging system broadcasts work-critical messages and localized safety alerts to specific groups based on specific location, workgroup, and more. Employees and supervisors get exactly the right information, without any noise, when it matters most. The same app enables safety check-ins and ensures timely escalation, response, and resolution of important safety or operations-related situations that arise in the field. As a TRUCE partner, Stratix’s experts understand how the technology works and its potential for organizations across many verticals. They can build tailored solutions and help deploy them at any scale. Fill out the form to try TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions with Stratix.

What’s Happening Around a Device Determines What’s on a Device

With TRUCE, you can dynamically enforce your mobile use and safety policies when and where they are needed – automatically.  A worker’s environment combined with TRUCE’s patented ability to read context delivers the right mobile app access at the right time – eliminating unnecessary digital distractions, protecting frontline lone workers, and enabling relevant workflows. Stratix can deploy TRUCE solutions throughout your mobile environment with its endpoint management services. Sign up to discover the power of TRUCE with Stratix today

Prevent Heavy Equipment Accidents

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