TRUCE for Energy and Utilities

Today’s Energy and Utilities leaders need a solution that lets them manage mobile devices in ways that enhance worker productivity while also ensuring safety and data integrity.

TRUCE for Energy
and Utilities

Today’s Energy and Utilities leaders need a solution that lets them manage mobile devices in ways that enhance worker productivity while also ensuring safety and data integrity.

Use Mobile Technology to Improve Uptimes Without the Potential for Downside Risks

TRUCE extends mobility management capabilities for improved safety and productivity by enabling user permissions to adapt in real-time according to what’s going on around the worker.

Behind the Wheel

Eliminate the risk of distracted driving while still allowing handsfree response to dispatch and other work calls if allowed by policy. Workers stay service-ready and compliant upon arrival with immediate access to workflow apps once their vehicle stops moving.

On Location

Whether a busy job site or a remote location, your policy for that work zone determines what mobile apps or device functions are accessible for as long as the worker is in that zone. Workers stay focused and jobs get completed with less error from distraction. Manage usage across shared devices or assigned devices.

While Operating Machinery

From the bucket truck to the power generator, temporarily suppress non-relevant mobile device functions and apps whenever equipment is running. Only allow access to job-specific apps. Extend protection to employees working around equipment.

On Break or Off Shift

TRUCE moves to the background for personal use or BYOD situations when the employee is off the clock or in designated breakroom locations. Specific content filters can be applied if needed to enforce policy.

Learn How Leaders in the Utility and Energy Sectors Are Using Context to Improve Safety and Productivity


“Most importantly [TRUCE] didn’t track them, it didn’t have a light pop on, it didn’t record what they were doing. So ultimately, even the unions knew we were on to something and they…embraced the technology as well.”

In his role as Chief Legal Officer / VP of Safety & Risk at Ferrellgas (Blue Rhino), Rick Frawley worked with TRUCE to eliminate distracted driving. Hear from Rick as he shares how the company reduced accidents by 40% in the first year.

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Davis H. Elliot

“Instead of being on the phone from the show up site to the job site, now they’re not on their phones and they’re able to focus on the job…they’re able to plan better, job briefings were better, and the work was better and more executed.”

Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc. (Elliot), a full-service electrical contractor trusted by investor-owned utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives for more than 70 years, deployed TRUCE to both company-issued and personal devices to improve the safety and productivity of their team. The result? A 47% reduction in accidents in the first year and an 86% reduction in associated costs.

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Manage Mobility for How Work Gets Done in Energy and Utilities

It’s time to consider the worker – where they are, what they are doing, and what’s happening around them – when thinking about how to manage your mobile technology. Want to learn more?

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