October 10, 2023 | Press Release

TRUCE Software and Body Language Expert Janine Driver Host Pre-Assault Indicators Training for Businesses

Law enforcement insider reveals 5 pre-assault indicators all employers and frontline employees need to know

Frontline and lone worker safety is a growing concern. There are 2 million incidents of violence in the workplace annually, and 58% of frontline employees report they feel an increased risk of physical harm. TRUCE Software, a pioneer in workplace safety technology, has partnered with Janine Driver, a distinguished body language expert and New York Times best-selling author, to address this issue and provide free training to organizations and their employees.

The collaboration aims to educate employers and frontline employees through an exclusive webinar: Knowing These 5 Pre-Assault Indicators Could Save Your Life. Janine Driver, renowned for her expertise and training of law enforcement agencies including the FBI and CIA, will help attendees identify pre-assault indicators that can be instrumental in averting harm.

Adapted from an eight-hour training typically delivered to law enforcement, this one-hour training session, plus a Q&A segment, is tailored specifically for employers with lone workers and those in field services industries. Webinar attendees will learn key takeaways, including micro-expressions, stances and specific nonverbal behaviors that signal an attack or suggest malicious intent. TRUCE Software will showcase its lone worker safety solution during the webinar, which has safety check-in, critical event escalation and enterprise communication capabilities.

 “Situational awareness is a crucial part of staying safe. Body language is no exception,” said guest speaker Janine Driver. “Throughout my career, I have educated organizations on how to detect deception and decode body language. Lone and frontline workers face different people and environments almost every day and should be trained in nonverbal danger signs. We are so excited to share this information to ensure a safer work environment for all.”

By combining Janine Driver’s expertise in nonverbal communication with safety technology education, she and TRUCE Software aim to equip participants across industries with fresh knowledge and tools to enhance workplace safety and improve the employee experience. To secure a spot, individuals can register online for one of these two session options: October 25, 12pm EST or October 26, 8pm EST.

About TRUCE Software:

At TRUCE Software, we believe there’s a better way to leverage all a mobile device has to offer in the workplace, while still protecting what’s most important – your employees, your assets and your IP. TRUCE offers the only mobile management platform to provide flexible, contextual enforcement of your mobile device and safety policies, allowing companies to augment, enable or temporarily suspend mobile apps based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group. Our patented technology operates on both iOS and Android platforms, supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide. Established in 2009, TRUCE Software is headquartered in Lisle, IL with research and development in Baton Rouge, LA. To learn more, go to www.trucesoftware.com.

About Janine Driver:

Janine Driver, the New York Times best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and body language expert, has trained the FBI, CIA, law enforcement, and corporations around the world. She is the CEO of the Body Language Institute and shares her knowledge to help individuals and organizations enhance communication and safety through nonverbal cues. Learn more at janinedriver.com.

Press Contact: Bethany Brownholtz, Marketing Director, [email protected]

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