TRUCE Software Launches Connected Worker Solutions for Lone Workers and Distributed Teams

July 01, 2023 | Announcement

TRUCE’s capabilities now extend to protect the most vulnerable workers and connect them to help throughout the work day. 

For over a decade, TRUCE has partnered with companies to eliminate digital distractions. Specifically, TRUCE senses context around a worker to enable mobile apps that are only beneficial to the worker – preventing distracted driving and other risks (Contextual Mobility Management). Now, with TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions, TRUCE extends outside of vehicles and heavy equipment scenarios to improve operations and field safety.

For companies with distributed teams and lone workers, it can be a challenge to guarantee their safety – especially across multiple locations or in isolated areas. TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions ensures that lone working and mobile frontline employees are protected and have the backup and support that they need. Solutions live in a mobile-technology enabled safety hub that allows supervisors to monitor worker safety, communicate to specific groups and individuals, and intervene.

“Lone frontline workers don’t know what they will face when they knock on the next customer door or approach the next job site,” said Bethany Brownholtz, Marketing Director at TRUCE Software. “You can’t avoid all risks in a dynamic, decentralized workplace, but you can be ready to tackle the unexpected with TRUCE’s connected worker technology.”

Given that 97% of employees carry at least one mobile device with them at work, mobile technology is a logical avenue to increase worker safety and streamline operations. TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions leverages mobile technology to provide users with these primary capabilities:

  • Targeted Event Escalation and Response triages and escalates messages to the correct person when sensitive operational and safety related situations occur in the field so that workers get timely assistance.
  • Enterprise Messaging and Communication allows supervisors to message or alert specific teams or individuals with relevant messages based on their job roles, geographic location, surrounding threats, and other parameters.

“With TRUCE Connected Worker Solutions, lone workers and distributed teams are set up for success when the unexpected happens. They may be out there alone, but they are no longer on their own,” said Chad Howell, VP Product Management at TRUCE Software. “We are incredibly excited that TRUCE now accompanies the worker throughout their entire work day to offer consistent protection and access to help.”

With the release of Connected Worker Solutions, TRUCE Software is the only company to combine the capabilities of Contextual Mobility Management with a connected worker platform to provide panoramic protection for today’s frontline associates and field teams.

To learn more about TRUCE’s new solution go to Connected Worker Solutions.

About TRUCE Software
At TRUCE Software, we believe there’s a better way to leverage all a mobile device has to offer in the workplace, while still protecting what’s most important – your employees, your assets and your IP. TRUCE offers the only mobile management platform to provide flexible, contextual enforcement of your mobile device and safety policies, allowing companies to augment, enable or temporarily suspend mobile apps based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group. Our patented technology operates on both iOS and Android platforms, supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide. Established in 2009, TRUCE Software is headquartered in Lisle, IL with research and development in Baton Rouge, LA. To learn more, go to

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