Where Does Worker Safety Start and End?

July 24, 2019 | Blog
worker safety

Where does worker safety start and end? You hire employees that are vetted and seemingly lower risk. You train the employees extensively, including safety training as a part of your comprehensive safety program. You develop and publish corporate safety policies, including safe driver programs.

When you send the workers out to the field, you outfit their vehicles with rear backup sensors and cameras. The vehicle posts the government registration codes showing it is registered with the Transport Ministry (or U.S. Department of Transportation – DOT).

Orange cones go into the vehicle to be used when the vehicle is parked and protect worker safety. The employee is provided with a high visibility vest and often times even a hard hat.

When the worker is done with their job, too often they jump into the vehicle, depart for their destination and reach for the mobile device and immediately check things like Apps, email, text messages all while driving.


Where does worker safety start and end?

When a worker checks their mobile device to read a text message, it takes just 4 seconds on average. In this blink of an eye, the motor vehicle, traveling at 89 kph (the equivalent of 55 mph), the vehicle covers the distance of a football field (over 100 meters or yards). Doesn’t it seem like the worker safety should continue beyond the driver safety training and hi-visibility vest?

Applying a technology solution to the business problem of distracted driving is the only way to take worker safety beyond. Adopting a solution that includes driver safety scoring on the mobile device, robust policy management and reporting in a web-based application and a device in the vehicle to hold the entire platform together.

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