Distracted Driving Software

TRUCE Software’s Distracted Driving Software For Fleets, Trucks & Any Company Vehicles helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency and improve worker safety by Limiting Cell Phone Apps and Actions that should be restricted. Effectively eliminate dangerous driving and accidents with a distracted driving technology solution. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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Distracted Driving Software & App

Making Smart Phones Smarter and Your Drivers Safer

Automatic Protection
Switches the phone or tablet to a protected state as soon as the app detects a high-risk situation

Stay Connected Safely
Enable handsfree calling for all calls or select calls based on your policy

The Right Apps at the Right Time
Select which job-specific apps to allow employees to access depending on the situation

truce software iphone managed zones

Preventing Not Tracking
Non-work-related activities are not our business. TRUCE doesn’t track where users go or what they do, just helps them do it safely.

In Case of an Emergency
Access to emergency services is always enabled

Any Device. Anywhere.
Built for iOS and Android platforms enforcing your policy even when WiFi is down or cellular coverage is lacking

Distracted Driving Software: How TRUCE Works

TRUCE can be easily installed on every employee’s mobile device, whether you use company devices or BYOD. And, it works on both iOS and Android operating systems. TRUCE seamlessly works only in vehicles or zones during the actions you think require more concentration and fewer distractions. Once the employee starts driving, TRUCE Software recognizes the movement of the vehicle and enforces the company’s mobile policy.

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Vehicle & Situational Context

Things like movement, vibration, proximity, location, schedule are all elements of context that influence how a device should be used.

Non-Managed Device

TRUCE adjusts the access and permissions on a device in real-time based on context and policy. Enforcing policy for all drivers.

manage employee device access

Policy Enforcement
(for illustration only)

Once context is recognized (vehicle in motion), TRUCE removes from view distracting or non-relevant apps…

Protected Mode

…leaving only allowable apps to be accessible. An alert notifies the user they are in a protected zone (driving vehicle).

Is TRUCE Right for Your Business?

TRUCE offers an undefeatable solution to policy compliance – your employees can’t opt out or delete it from their device. That means you can rest easy knowing your policies are being enforced.

Do your employees:
Drive as part of their job.
Operate heavy equipment.
Drive vehicles branded with the company name on the side.
Use mobile phones or tablets for work.

TRUCE Works Where You Work

truce distracted driving software

Behind the Wheel

Keep employees safe, in company-owned or personal vehicles, with TRUCE’s distracted driving technology.

worksite safety technology

Around Heavy Equipment

Don’t let distractions threaten your employees’ safety when they’re near or operating machinery.

truce distracted driving software forklift

In the Workplace

Ensure your employees are focused and productive – in your busy warehouse or factory, office or lab.

“TRUCE actually makes us better. By not being on our phones, we are able to stay focused on what we’re doing and serving our customers. Our accident rates have actually dropped more than 70% since we started.”

Adam Kohler, Chief Operating Officer, Welding Supply Company

“We’ve created a real competitive advantage. By implementing TRUCE, we’re demonstrating we’re doing everything in our power to meet the high standards and policies of our customers and, at the same time, keeping our drivers safe.”

Charlie Grendon, Managing Director, Electrical Contractor

“If a company wants their team members protected and all going home safely to their families at the end of the day, they should consider TRUCE.”

William West, Operations Manager, HVAC and plumbing services

“That’s our company’s name on the side of the truck and our reputation. TRUCE helped us reduce complaints about our technicians on the road by more than 50%.”

Mike Letters, Fleet Safety Manager, Pest Control Company

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