Improve Safety Around Heavy Equipment

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Bustling with people and large, loud machines moving this way and that, your work site is no place to be staring at a phone or playing with apps. For their personal safety, employees need to devote their full attention to what’s happening.

Right Where and When You Need It

TRUCE can be configured to match your unique company policy, preventing mobile device distractions:

  • throughout a site or just around a dangerous area,
  • during specific days or times, or
  • for certain activities, users or workgroups.
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The PPE Your People Are Missing

You wouldn’t dream of sending your employees to a site without a hard hat and vest, safety glasses, gloves or steel-toe footwear. Their gear is a critical part of preparing for the hazards they’ll face.

The most dangerous piece of equipment on today’s job site has quickly become the smartphone. Like heads, hands and feet, everyone on the job site has a mobile device and they are using them all day long. It’s time to protect your employees from the risks of mobile device distractions on the job.

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TRUCE’s industry-leading software protects your most important asset – your people, by keeping them focused on their work and aware of their environment.

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Protect Your Bottom Line

Not only does TRUCE safeguard employees, by preventing accidents and ensuring people are focused, it also:

  • Improves productivity, reducing the chance of lost work days from injuries
  • Saves the company Workers’ Compensation and noncompliance fees
  • Helps you avoid unsafe work site tickets
  • Prevents vehicle and equipment damage
  • Protects against legal fees and insurance rate hikes
  • Upholds your company’s reputation, which can suffer when safety and productivity decline.

In short, TRUCE keeps all your resources working more efficiently.

“Heavy equipment is arguably more threatening than the traditional car or pickup truck. We want our operators to be as focused as possible.”

Sean Walsh, President and Managing Director, Walsh Construction Group

The Numbers Tell the Story

An April 2019 study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TRUCE Software revealed almost 50% of employees use mobile devices when driving or operating machinery. Little wonder it also found 65% of employers say it’s a priority to improve the safety of workers who use mobile. Want to learn more?

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