Put a Stop to Mobile Distraction While Driving

The data is undeniable. Some 40 percent of all workplace fatalities involve transportation incidents*, and distracted driving is the leading cause, according to the National Safety Council.

With TRUCE, you can protect the safety of your most valuable asset – your people, as well as everyone else on the road.

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic


See TRUCE’s Breakthrough Approach

Every time your employees take to the streets, your company takes risks. TRUCE developed our distracted driving technology to keep workers focused and safe, protecting all your resources along the way.

Prevents Accidents Don’t Just Track Them

While other distracted driving solutions can help determine what caused accidents after the fact, TRUCE helps keep them from happening in the first place. People are irreplaceable. And nothing is worth putting your employees and everyone else on the road, in harm’s way.


In-cab cameras and telematics solutions can help you monitor and track the driving behaviors that cause accidents, but they can only report issues after the fact.


Employee training and coaching can help your employees correct their mistakes, but changing behaviors requires time and a lot of repetition.


TRUCE prevents incidents and accidents by eliminating
the mobile device distractions that take your
employee’s attention away from driving. Automatically.

TRUCE’s unique benefits work as a stand-alone strategy, or in combination with others. Want to talk through your options?

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Protect Your Bottom Line

Not only does TRUCE safeguard employees, by preventing accidents and ensuring people are focused, it also:

  • Keeps employees productive, as they aren’t distracted or out with injuries
  • Saves the company fines and penalties for violating laws and regulations
  • Prevents vehicle and equipment damage
  • Helps your company avoid legal fees and possible insurance rate hikes
  • Upholds your company’s reputation, which can suffer when safety and productivity decline.

In short, TRUCE keeps all your resources working more efficiently.

The Numbers Tell the Story

A November 2019 study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by TRUCE Software determined the Total Economic Impact of using TRUCE software. Spoiler alert: It pays for itself in as few as three months, delivering a 360% ROI over three years. Ready to learn more?

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