Keep Your Team Productive

Studies show it takes the human brain about 25 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. With the flurry of notifications, pings and buzzes your workers receive on mobile devices, it’s a wonder they get anything done.

Works Just the Way Your Policy Does

Whether your company is located in a warehouse or factory, office or lab, TRUCE can prevent mobile distractions:

  • throughout the workplace or just around a sensitive area,                                          
  • during specific days or times, or
  • for certain activities, users or workgroups.

When your employees focus on the jobs they love, they can succeed and your company can reach its potential.

Prevent Data Theft and Leaks

When dealing with intellectual property or confidential data, mobile devices represent a risk. Accidentally or intentionally, employees may share, record or stream information that isn’t meant for broader audiences and expose data to theft.

While not a traditional MDM solution, TRUCE can automatically restrict access to specific apps, such as the camera or voice recorder, in certain places or conditions, according to your policy. Helping you to keep information safer.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Because TRUCE keeps people focused on their jobs, it also:

  • Boosts productivity          
  • Encourages employee communication and collaboration, where mobile distractions may impair it
  • Maintains your company’s creativity and competitive edge
  • Protects against legal fees and insurance rate hikes
  • Upholds your company’s reputation, which can suffer when productivity declines.

In short, TRUCE keeps all your resources working more efficiently.

“(TRUCE) enables customers to enforce their mobile usage policies without compromising safe and productive use of their mobile network.”

Dennis Sheaffer, Vice President, Wireless Business Consultants

The Numbers Tell the Story

An April 2019 study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by TRUCE Software, revealed that almost 70% of employees say their mobile device usage distracts them from doing their most important work.  And, 75% admit to being open to having their employer help manage their device usage at work.  Want to learn more?

Read the Study