How Aertssen Protects Employees – CEO Explains

Driving a heavy vehicle requires all your attention. That is why Aertssen ensures that their employees are not distracted by their smartphone. CEO Yves Aertssen explains how.

Aertssen Does Not Use Smartphones in Vehicles

This article was originally written in Flemish: VSV (Flemish Traffic Engineering Foundation), December 2019

Aertssen Group is thoroughly Belgian family businesswith an open view of the world. Safety and road safety is very important to them. Last year, the company implemented TRUCE Software to safeguard employees, by preventing accidents and ensuring that are focused on their job. Both the CEO, the prevention advisor, the ICT Project Manager and one of the drivers wanted to testify about the use of the TRUCE app and Management Console.

Yves Aertsssen, CEO: “Our employees are our most important asset. We want them to get home safely after the working day. Not only the employees, but also other road users. And using the mobile phone behind the wheel is a social problem. And if you go on the road with big heavy equipment, we believe that we should do something about it. For example, we equip all our trucks with a radar that automatically brakes them. We have also invested in TRUCE Sofware, which allows us to limit the use of mobile phones by employees.” 

You have a device in the truck built making use of smartphone impossible. Do you already have results of this campaign? 

“The roll-out of the trucks and cranes has now been completed and we can now monitor how many times a pop-up of an app is blocked in the office, but we can also monitor the driving behavior of the drivers..”

Do you also use the TRUCE?

“Absolutely! I also have the app installed on my smartphone, so I cannot make calls or send messages while driving. I have to lead by example.”

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TRUCE Works Where You Work

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Behind the Wheel

Keep employees safe, in company-owned or personal vehicles, with TRUCE’s distracted driving technology.

Around Heavy Equipment

Don’t let distractions threaten your employees’ safety when they’re near or operating machinery.

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