What certain permissions must always be turned on for TRUCE to work properly?

Cellular Data 

Cellular Data is a required setting that allows the TRUCE App to properly communicate with the TRUCE Management Portal. This ensures your mobile device remains up to date with any new policy settings and provides the ability to transfer session data to the TRUCE Management Portal at the end of each managed session. 


TRUCE requires Bluetooth to always be on so we can determine when you are in a managed zone. Bluetooth should not cause a significant battery drain, if it is not connected to any devices. 

Location Services 

TRUCE requires Location Services to always be on to detect location change and ensure protection at the right time. Enabling Location Services for TRUCE uses no additional battery power. In fact, Location Services is a shared global device service that is always running on your device. Like many other apps on your device, TRUCE is simply granted access. 

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