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What is a Beacon, and do I need to have one in my vehicle?

The TRUCE Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that signifies to the TRUCE App that it has entered a managed zone (e.g., a vehicle, specific work location or proximity to heavy machinery.) Once a Beacon has been identified the TRUCE App wakes up and looks for specific cues such as vehicle movement of at least 10mph, proximity within 50 feet of the vehicle, or engine vibration. Once recognized, the TRUCE App switches to managed mode, working as a natural extension of corporate mobile policy.

The Beacon improves the experience you’ll have while using TRUCE by helping to reserve battery and other resources on your mobile device. It will also ensure that your device only switches to a managed mode when in a managed zone and not when you’re riding in an Uber or are at home with your family. If you are using an iOS device, the Beacon is also required to enable certain features such as hands-free calling of approved numbers and auto-response SMS messages to inbound text messages.

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