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TRUCE Management Behind the Wheel

TRUCE Management Behind the Wheel

What is a Beacon, and do I need to have one in my vehicle?

The TRUCE Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that signifies to the TRUCE App that it has entered a managed zone...

Why does TRUCE take a while to engage when I first start driving?

The default setting for TRUCE to start a managed session while driving is when the vehicle reaches 10mph. TRUCE leverages...

Why do I not have full access to my phone after coming to a complete stop?

TRUCE has a configurable option that will release devices from management at stop lights, stop signs, in traffic, or after...

How do I use my navigation and music apps while driving?

If your company’s mobile device policy allows navigation and music apps, you must first open the app(s) from inside the...

If I am using navigation and I get a phone call, when I hang up, the navigation does not come back to the foreground. What do I do to get it back?

This is normal device behavior. If you let the other party hang up then TRUCE will foreground the navigation app...

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