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Using Your Phone with TRUCE

Using Your Phone with TRUCE

How Is TRUCE Deployed to Your Device?

As a part of the TRUCE installation, you may be asked to install a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Profile, which...

How do I answer a hands-free call (if allowable by corporate policy)?

Hands-free calls, when a device has a signal and is connected to Bluetooth, are always available if allowed by your...

What if I have an emergency?

TRUCE always allows emergency calls, even when you’re in an active managed session and regular calling is being managed. The...

My calls are dropping when I start driving. Is that normal?

If your company policy does not allow phone calls, any calls received while in management will be disconnected. If hands-free...

Why do I see a slight flash prior to TRUCE foregrounding?

On some configurations of TRUCE, if you attempt to switch away from TRUCE while being managed, you may briefly see...

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