Reputation Protection

TRUCE helps you build on your reputation as a company that values employee safety, privacy, and productivity.

Protect Your Employees and the Communities You Serve

Have employees in the field? Your logo on a service van or work vehicle? That’s a mobile billboard for your business. And what happens when your employees drive your branded van or work in the field affects your reputation. With TRUCE, you can protect your reputation as a company that values employee safety and employs the latest technology to stay compliant with all applicable mobile device laws. You stay forward-thinking by protecting what matters most.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

What do your customers care most about? What keeps them coming back? High value, high quality, and the ability to keep your promises, every time. An employee paying more attention to what’s happening on their mobile device rather than the work they’re doing for your customers can drag down satisfaction and loyalty. We make sure your employees are focused on delivering what you have promised.

Impress Potential Customers

Potential customers will do their homework before choosing you. If they see that you have a sterling safety record, avoid penalties, fines, and are able to deliver on-time and as-promised, you have a better chance at winning them. Reputation protection gives you more to stand on.

Attract Potential Employees

Employees want to work at a forward-looking company who employs high-tech to give them a chance to do their best work. They want to work for a place that provides a safe and efficient work environment. They’ll want to work for you.

Be a Leader

Everyone wants an edge. And whether you are concerned with impressing investors, analysts, or just people at the next convention, your use of TRUCE positions you as a forward­-thinking leader that adapts to and thrives in a changing market.

Features & Benefits

TRUCE ensures that employee safety is never compromised by distractions or restrictions. See how we help you make work better by putting the employee first.

Emergency Bypass

When an emergency happens, there’s no time to waste. We never block access.  

White List Numbers

Family. Schools. Work. They’ll get the calls they need.y.


We’re not collecting or selling information. We’re promoting employee safety.

White List App

Keep running the apps that are needed for work and safety.

What TRUCE Means for Reputation Protection

With TRUCE you set the policies for what applications and features can be used where. It’s smart, targeted, and adaptable for the future.

By Activity

Every job is a little different, and employees want to know that you have the ability to adapt your policies to different situations.

By Zone

Your worksite is comprised of diverse activities. Managing device use by zone lets you maximize efficiency and deliver better returns.

By Employee or Group

Not every employee or employee work group has the same responsibilities. Blanket policies make little sense. Smart policies demonstrate genuine concern.

Build on Your Reputation as a Company with Truce

TRUCE helps your business reduce accidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and create a better workplace. Find out how. Schedule a free demo today.

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