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Eliminate the Risk of Mobile Device Distractions on the Road and at Work

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Take the Guesswork Out of Enforcing Your Mobile Device Policies

With TRUCE, you can create an invisible wall of protection around your vehicles, work sites, or heavy equipment. When your employee carries their phone inside that Protected Zone it automatically switches to “protect” mode, blocking access to any apps or functions you deem distracting, reducing the chance of costly and avoidable accidents. Then, as soon as the phone is back outside of the Protection Zone, it returns to full and normal operation.

TRUCE’s unique platform:

Adjusts to the Situation

Automatically switches the phone to protect mode and back to normal when the vehicle comes to a stop.

Helpful Reporting

Easy to read visual reports help you manage compliance across your team.

Versatile and Compatible

Works on Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets and laptops, company-issued or BYOD.

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As a customer of Fleetio you get access to a special set of benefits:

  • Preferred Volume Pricing
  • “Start Now – Bill Later” Program
  • Customized Configuration and Implementation

How Others Are Transforming
Safety and Efficiency

Below are a few quick links to some of our customer stories, if you would like to see more, please click on the below.

Welsco, Inc. deployed TRUCE and in-vehicle cameras to understand what was causing their growing accident rate and put a stop to it.
Accident rate dropped 70%
Claims expenses dropped 90%
Achieved 100% buy-in from employees

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Mechanical contractor McKenney’s cut accident rates and severity using TRUCE to decrease distracted driving in more than 500 company work trucks.
Accident rate dropped by double-digits in two years despite more vehicles on the road covering 1 million more miles


Ireland-based electrical contractor JV Communications uses TRUCE as a competitive advantage, delivering higher safety standards and proven compliance to their customers.
27% reduction in annual fleet policy expenses
Auditable compliance and reporting

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Mobile Device Policies:
What Employees Really Say

What employers want from a mobile device management policy is often in stark contrast to what they’re getting. Employees are misusing their mobile devices on the job to the detriment of safety and productivity – and yet your employees REALLY want to be safe.*

What Employers Need


of organizations restrict mobile device usage in unsafe environments

The Workplace Reality


of employees say they will disobey the policy if it gets in the way of what they want to do

What Employers Need


of employers say making employees safer through mobile is a high priority

The Workplace Reality


of employees admit to using their mobile devices while driving or operating machinery

What Employers Need


of employers want to help employees be more productive on mobile

The Workplace Reality


of employees say their mobile device usage distracts them from doing their most important work

*Unleash The Full Potential of Mobile With Contextual Mobile-Device Management, an August 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TRUCE Software.

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